Breathless Racing C5 Headlights


This is my review of their fixed headlights for the C5 Corvette. It is designed pretty good. Unfortunately, in my case, i did not get all that is described on their website (Image below). As stated, the high beams are supposed to be PIAA driving lights. After installing them on the car, i noticed the igh beams were much dimmer than the low beams. After consulting Ernie at breathless racing, he said that he is limited on how much light output he can get due to design and space constraints. Having owned PIAA lights before, this did not make sense to me.

breathless website

After doing some research by calling PIAA, I found out they sold their product with Pilot Manufacturing lights.

Pilot Lights


Here are pictures of the product out of the box

clear lens



fiberglass tub



Comes with fans to help remove moisture as these are not a sealed unit.



PIAA lights have their name inscribed in the lens and housing. The word Halogen is molded into these lenses. In talking with a technician at Pilot, these only put out 55 watts each. The low beams Breathless Racing uses are actually high beam lights from a 93-97 Camaro. Those put out 65 watts each. Pretty good idea to use those.


Here is a video showing how much dimmer the high beams get.